What is the difference between Standard and Wire nose bridge?

Our wire nose bridge masks have a flat flexible wire reinforced into the fabric where the mask sits on the nose. The purpose of this is to hold the mask closer to the face around the nose to prevent exhaled air from fogging up your glasses. Our standard masks do not have wire reinforcement. 😷

How do I stop my glasses from fogging up?

Glasses fog up due to exhaled air ecaping from around the nose up to your glasses. For all our masks we have a wire nose bridge option at an addtional cost which places a flat flexible wire reinforced into the fabric where the mask sits on the nose. This holds the mask closer to the face around the nose and prevents exhaled air from fogging up your glasses. 😷

How many layers of fabric are your masks?

For most of our masks you have the choice between 2 layers and 3 layers of fabric. We have found some people prefer less layers for breathability while others prefer more layers for protection. It is a personal choice, so we have decided to offer both. The fabrics we use for most of our masks are tightly woven cotton so offers good protection. Where this is not the case with some outer pattern layers, we will only offer the mask in 3 layers. 😷

What are your mask prices?

All of our Standard and Limited Edition masks have a base price of $10, our Diamante Range has base price of $16, options are available which are priced as follows: 3 layers: +$2 Nose wire: +$10

What are your delivery times?

In general, you will receive your mask within 2-5 business days of placing your order depending on your location. We typical process and ship orders within 1-2 days and then are reliant on Australia Post to get your order to your door. Currently Australia Post is in high demand and delivery times vary dramatically, we therefore are only offering Express Post delivery at this point in time as this is proving to be more reliable. See our Info area for more detail on our processing and delivery times. 😷

What materials are you masks made of?

All our masks are made from 100% cotton fabric across all layers. Our straps are made from lycra which has proven to provide a greater level of comfort over elastic. 😷

How do I wash my mask?

Our masks can be machine washed in any cycle. We recommend washing at a minimum of 40 degrees and to dry in direct sunlight. Avoid tumble drying as this may case your mask to shrink. The lycra straps may loose their shape at highter washing temperatures, simply stretch the straps and the shape will reform. 😷

Where are your masks made?

We are a small business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We hand make all our masks in Melbourne from materials sorced locally from Australian owned companies. We are passionate about supporting local and small businesses especially during these current hard times 😷

What are your mask sizes and how do I choose?

We make our masks in 4 sizes so we are sure to have a size for everyone. Our sizes are XS, S, M and L. Size choice depends on the shape and features of your face and also personal preference as to how snug you like your mask to fit. ​ Here is what we find suits most people, adjust up or down based on your face shape: ​L - Adult Male M - Adult Female M - Teenagers S - Children (8-12 yrs) XS - Children (<8 yrs)

Are the mask straps behind the head or around the ears?

Our mask design allows you to choose between having straps behind the head or around the ears. We provide instructions with every mask as to how to adjust. Our masks are delviered ready for around the head, you then adjust the knot to suit your own tension and comfort. If you prefer around the ears, follow the instructions to cut the strap and knot the two sides for around the ears. 😷

Frequently Asked Questions